Sunday, October 20, 2013

Passo dello Stelvio

After a short two-weeks at home in Melbourne, I packed my ski bags once again  (which were basically still untouched from my return from New Zealand…) and flew to Europe for the next on-snow training camp.

This week we are training in Stelvio Glacier, northern Italy. Stelvio sits right on the border of Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Interestingly it is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps, and the second highest in the Alps. For the cycling fans, the Giro d'Italia often passes through this road, and was also picked by Top Gear as "the greatest driving road in the world." Big call.... 

For me it is a brand new mountain to explore which is always fun!

48 hairpin turns make up the Stelvio Pass. Must attempt this one on a bike!

We are sleeping in a hotel up on the glacier at 3000m. At this altitude, the air is thin, and everyday activities feel just that little bit harder. Walking two flights of stairs to my room is a workout. Usually when we train on a mountain of this height, we return to a more reasonable altitude where your body has a chance to recover after a long day’s training. Here, however, your body is constantly working…. even when you’re sleeping! And you really do feel it. Fatigue sets in quicker, your breathing rate is higher, your heart rate is elevated and your muscles feel heavier. A lot of the dryland training I do in Melbourne is designed to cope with these physical loads. The hours spent cycling, running and in the gym are aimed at being able to sustain the five hours plus of on-snow training each day.

We have joined forces with the French, Italian and Swedish Ski Cross National Teams, and are all sharing resources to make this training camp as successful as possible. The course is situated in a remote part of the glacier where there is no access to the piste by chairlift or t-bar. So instead, after each run we are taken back up to the top of the course by a snow cat. Also a very new experience! 14 athletes hanging onto a t-bar line from the back of the cat, and another 10 or so in a cage in the front. Truly a make shift chairlift.

What this means however is that for this week, the mountain is our playground. We have a snow cat and two skidoos to work with, and basically we have free reign. We can build what we want, train when we want and do as many runs as we can until we can’t possibly do another. It’s perfect.

Our make-shift t-bar.

The beloved Wu-Tang... Olympic style!

Alizee and I go head-to-head in training.


Northern Italian lasagna. Almost as good as Nonna's! Almost...

A real local. He rarely moved from his favourite spot!

Good morning Stelvio!

Warming up as the sun rises over the mountains.

Our ski technician Marcos definitely has a sense of humour...

An upgrade from last year's van.....

Today we head to Stubai Glacier in Austria for another four days of training on a new ski cross course. Joining us will be the Austrian, German and Norwegian World Cup Ski Cross teams. Then back to Melbourne for some much needed home and family time, and hopefully some beautiful late Spring weather! It’s time for some sunshine, surf and warm temperatures…

Below is a short 1-minute video of Alizee Baron of France and I going head-to-head on the ski cross training course. The spectacular mountains in the background are hard to miss!

Katya Crema(AUS) & Alizee Baron(FRA) training in Stelvio, Italy
from Katya Crema on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blissful Wanaka

I have just returned home from what was a fantastic five-week training camp in New Zealand. A long stint, but very effective. Definitely made up for the lack of snow in Australia this season!

We spent the last two weeks of the camp training on a professionally built ski cross course in Cardrona. Like last year, World Cup border cross builder Anders Forsell from Norway came out to NZ to work his magic. The course was definitely a challenge; a technical start section, large berms, fast sections, intimidating jumps.... the perfect training for Sochi one could say! 

Border Cross and Ski Cross National Teams from Switzerland, Germany, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia all came together for the training camp.

Staying in the beautiful lakeside town of Wanaka, there is always plenty to do...

Here's a snapshot...

Best thing to do on a sunny day - A leisurely game of Frolf (frisby-golf)

Best thing to do on a rainy day - A visit to Puzzling World

Feeling game? - Wakeboarding on the lake (water temp is currently around 8 degrees C)

Want an adrenaline rush? - Paintball

Best Cafe - Kai Whakapai & Benny Bright's cafe at the base of Cardrona

Best Steak - Trout

Best Pizza - Francesca's

As usual, pictures speak louder than words...

Start section.


Roller pack.

Racing head to head with Anton Grimus.

A snapshot on the course.

Lake Wanaka at sunset.


Getting ready for some paintball action: Team USA V the World.

Team recovery session in the lake.

Wakeboarding on Lake Wanaka.

Puzzling World.

Thanks for dinner Anton! Anton's catch of the day... a 3kg freshwater trout from Lake Hawea.

Lastly, here is the latest video edit... Spring Camp Adventures - Part 2. Enjoy!

Spring Camp Adventures - Part 2 - Katya Crema
from Katya Crema on Vimeo.