Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas the Sicilian way

Unfortunately the opening World Cup’s of the season in San Candido didn’t quite go to plan. I skied well in training, however didn’t manage to lay down extremely fast runs in qualifications. The level and depth of competition in the women’s has really stepped up this year, which is great to see. There were 42 girls in the start, and only the top 16 qualified for finals. I finished 28th on the first day, and 22nd on the second day.

(Jen, Sami and I on race day) 

(The Germans and the Aussies watching training from the side)

(What's not more Aussie than a kick of the footy in the backstreets of San Candido)

I have just spent five days in Palermo, Sicily, with my sister and Italian relatives. I have had a great time; a true to Italian-style Christmas. It was quite a “family” event, with plenty of great food and wine.

(La famiglia!)

(View of Palermo from a rooftop)

(My sister Giulia and I happy to be spending Christmas together)

(La Pandorra.... Italian Christmas cake. So good!)

Yesterday I met the team back in Austria, where we will spend the next week training for the St. Johann World Cup event, which is on the 6th and 7th of January. I’m looking forward to this event. It’s the biggest and most renowned on the circuit, and usually attracts thousands of fans to the ‘night’ race under lights. Will keep you updated with results!