Thursday, February 2, 2012

X Games Finals

After a great lead up to X Games finals, I was looking forward to skiing the track head-to-head. The sun was shining yet again, and this time the bottom of the race course was surrounded by spectators and fans ready to watch some action! Unfortunately when I actually got in the start gate ready for the first semi-final, nerves somehow paralysed me. I think I was over-nervous and over-anxious, and I just didn't race as aggresively as I usually do. I finished the semi final in 5th, and the small final in 5th, putting me in 11th overall.

Although I was disappointed with how I performed in the finals, I have taken many positives out of the X Games experience. The track was incredible; a complete adrenaline rush. I think any ski cross course from now on will feel like a kids track compared to X Games!

Here are a few great shots taken on the day by Nico Rienaecker. Thanks for the photos!

(The final jump at X Games. I'm in the red bib and green pants)

I am now in Blue Mountain, Canada, for the next World Cup. We have just had qualifications, and I finished in 10th. Finals are tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to giving it everything!

(Qualifications at Blue Mountain. Photo taken by Andrew Logan)

PS- A video blog from the season so far is on it's way!