Monday, February 4, 2013

Tough day in Germany

Yesterday was a tough day on the slopes here in Grasgehren, Germany.

After a rejuvenating 8-day break in Australia, I was ready to get back into competition.

We arrived in Grasgehren five days ago, hopeful for a great World Cup event. Two years ago the race here was amazing; perfect conditions, great organisation and a long technical course. 

This year the weather gods turned it all around. 130km winds and torrential rain for two days meant that the training and qualification days were both cancelled. On Saturday the pouring rain turned to heavy snowfalls (over 40cm) and the course was almost completely buried. All the hard work put in by the course workers and race organisers was evaporated in a number of hours. Saturday's race, the first of two events, was cancelled, and instead the athletes did an inspection of the course.

On Sunday the weather cleared just enough to get the race off. We had one training run on the course and then it was go-time. I definitely didn't have the run of my life in qualifications. With all the fresh snow, strong winds and poor visibility, one small mistake put you way back in the field. I finished in 26th place, my worst result by far all season. Unfortunately none of the five Australian's qualified for finals, so a downer of a day for the whole team.

We will stay here in Grasgehren to train for the next two days (or mostly likely powder ski given that it has snowed over 30cm overnight). We then travel to Davos, Switzerland, for two Europa Cups in preparation for the Olympic Games test event in Sochi, Russia, in a few weeks. 

The Australians take to the stage in the public athletes presentation in Germany.

Disappointed with my performance in qualifications.