Saturday, June 29, 2013

Back on snow in NZ!

I've just had my first week back on snow in Cardrona, New Zealand. It's been three months since I had my last ski day, and it feels like forever!

Along with teammate Scott Kneller and Coach Matt, we had 6 solid days of free skiing, technical drills, and park time. We managed to get lucky with the weather too.... 5 out of 6 bluebird days. Not bad!

It was amazing to be back on snow again. All the hard yards in the gym over the past few months is totally worth it for this! I really do miss skiing between seasons...!

Tomorrow I head to Sydney's Northern Beaches for two weeks of intense physical training with coach John Marsden. Then it's back on snow in Perisher, NSW.

Hello New Zealand!!!

A cold and windy day in Cardrona...

Lake Wanaka.... Always a spectacular sunset.

Land Before Time? 

Gotta Love New Zealand's quality gravel roads....