Thursday, September 12, 2013

Round Hill & Lake Tekapo

I have spent the last week training at Round Hill, a tiny ski resort above Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. 

This was a brand new ski destination for me. Put simply, Round Hill is an Alpine Mecca for ski teams all around the world, ranging from world cup down to ski clubs. It has to be one of the most popular training hills in the southern hemisphere. 

We decided to get our alpine technical skills up to scratch and train five day of GS & Super G. The weather was perfect right up until the last day which was great timing. Then in true New Zealand style came gale force winds and torrential rainfall, closing the resort temporarily. 

Lake Tekapo is a beautiful part of the world. Not much of a town (just one small cafe with great food and coffee thank god! Run 77 for anyone who is traveling through there soon...), but the lake was incredible. Water bluer than I have ever seen before. Apparently the turquoise blue colour is created by suspended "rock flour" floating in the water. The glaciers in the headwaters grind the rock into fine dust which makes it way into the water. A pretty stunning view from the top of the small mountain nearby...

We are now in Wanaka for a two-week training camp in Cardrona. An Olympic standard ski cross track is currently being built by a Norwegian course builder. Apparently it's going to be even bigger and better than last year, so I am pretty excited to get up there to ski it!

Hiking for a view! Photos by Shawn Fleming. 

Lake Tekapo

Anton's idea of "recovery" is a swim in Lake Tekapo... (the water is about 8 degrees C). He's crazy!

On the tourist trail: New Zealand's famous "Cookie Time" monster...

Training above Lake Tekapo.

Balance and coordination training.