Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Epic powder day; now back to Lienz

Christmas break in St. Moritz was great.
Whilst it dumped with snow on Christmas day, and the mountain was shut due to avalanche warning. The following day (Boxing Day), we had an epic bluebird powder day. The snow was deep and light, and there was so much open terrain that we could ski fresh tracks all day.

(A little tumble in the powder)


(Julia and I take a stroll through the streets of Celerina on Christmas Day)

(Coloured umbrella's in a black and white world)

(Kaiserschmarrn for dessert; possibly the best meal ever invented. Chopped up pancakes with riasins, icing sugar and plum compote)

The following day I decided not to ski. And I think it was a lucky decision, as there was a large avalanche up at St. Moritz which killed a number of people. Scary!

2 days ago I returned to Lienz, Austria, where the team will be based for the next 5 days. Today we trained at Lienz on a well-built, large ski cross course. A number of other national teams were there (Austrians, Slovenians, Japanese, Czech…) so it was great to train besides some girls in head-to-head racing.

On the 3rd of January (after a most-likely not-too-crazy New Years Eve), we head to St. Johann, Austria. This is where the next World Cup will be held. Qualifications are on the 4th and finals on the 5th. To make things a little more exciting, it is a night race under the flood lights. Last year this was a very popular spectator race (as all Austrians love ski racing!) So hopefully there will be a sea of fans again this year.

I am feeling fresh after my break, so hopefully I have a great race. I am aiming to qualify well, and then get through the first round to top 16. Fingers crossed!