Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 32 finish

Today was the second World Cup. I had a decent qualifying run, and scraped into 32nd position; the last place to qualify! I was stoked with the result, considering how difficult the competition is. Between 1st and 32nd place was less than 2.5 seconds, so the times were very tight. I was very excited to get a start in the head-to-head action, which was televised on Eurosport in Australia. In the finals, I had a good fast start however because I was in the most disadvantaged gate (because of my qualifying time), it was difficult for me to gain a lead on the other girls. I didn’t make it through to the quarter finals, so ended up finishing in 32nd position.

(In the start with lucky bib 32)

(The golden bib - after having competed in world cup finals in San Candido)