Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to where this season all began. Canmore, Canada.

After a fantastic break in New York City, I’m back in Canmore, Canada, for a 4 day training block. Whilst Scott and Jenny are on the rehab program with Matt in Quebec, I’m here training with Canadian coach Luc Peltier. He is coaching a young group of alpine racers, mostly from Australia however a few internationals too.

(Nakiska on an early, clear morning)

(Myself with the International Racers ski team)

(Grooming to perfection at Nakiska)

I can’t believe it was only 2 months ago that I was here training. It feels like a whole year has gone by! I guess it is because I have been all over the world and back, competed in one Europa Cup, seven World Cups, and visited over 8 countries all in the space of only 8 weeks! It’s crazy to think of how much we have been on the move this season, from one world cup to the next with hardly any time off at all. It’s been exhausting yet exhilarating, and definitely stressful!

On Thursday Feb 4th I head to Aspen, Colorado, where I’ll be spending the next 4 days catching up with the fam. I’m really looking forward to seeing them. It’s been a while! Then on the 9th, on to Vancouver! On the 10th we have uniform distribution (very exciting!), and in the afternoon I will be involved in the "Chat with a Champ" program, where selected athletes chat to school kids from Australia online about their Olympic experience. On the 11th is the flag raising ceremony for Australia plus an official team reception, and then on the 12th is the opening ceremony. I’m very excited to be taking part in the march. You can only imagine how long I’ve been dreaming about this for!

For these first few days I will be staying in the athlete village. Then on the 13th we are going to Mt. Washington (which is on Vancouver Island) for a few days of training. A few other national teams will be there, so it will be good to brush up on some starts and get back into the competitive environment. Then on the 18th we're back in Vancouver preparing for our event which is on the 23rd.

I'll be blogging regularly during the Games to keep you updated with the ins and outs of the Olympics!