Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time to let my hair down

The night after my event was definitely a night to remember! All the athletes have been working so hard over the past few years in the lead up to these Games. It finally came the time to let our hair down. We went to a ski cross after party in Gas Town, Vancouver.

(Myself, Tess and Tara celebrating at the Ski Cross after party)

The following night I had a big family reunion in downtown Vancouver. There were over 80 family members, 20 of us from Australia and the other 60 from Vancouver. I have many 2nd, 3rd and more distant Crema cousins living here in Vancouver – relatives on my Grandfathers side. Some I had met before when I was young, and some were new to me…yet we still shared the same last name! It was great to catch up with everyone; it doesn’t happen very often!

On Thursday I went to see Chelzie Lee perform in the figure skating finals. It was a great event filled with incredible performances. Chelzie did amazingly well and finished 20th. On Friday I watched Joh Shaw compete in the PGS (snowboard alpine). Once my event was over, it was great to be able to watch and support your teammates compete.

(Britt and I with famous US figure skater Johnnie Weir, at the women's figure skating event)

That night we celebrated Lydia's gold medal in the aerials with a gold medal party held by the AOC. Of course, afterwards we went out and celebrated in true Aussie style at the Budweiser House in the city.

(Lydia's gold medal party)

(Celebrating Lyd's gold medal at the Bud House with an All-Star entourage. Alisa Camplin, Johnnie Weir, Patto, Lydia Lassila, Jacqui Cooper and I)

(Famous modul legend, Johnnie Moseley and I)

On Friday morning I did a filmed piece with Ruby Rose, the beautiful, young, famous Australian TV presenter for MTV and Foxtel. She is over here with the Foxtel crew, presenting for the Olympics. We went gumboot shopping in town… an essential item for the Vancouver rain!

(Ruby Rose and I, hanging out in downtown Vancouver)

(Gumboots shopping with Ruby)

That night we explored the city. The town is absolutely buzzing with people, music, performances…. There are people everywhere in the streets, even at 4am!