Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Olympic Day's 'Back to School' visit

Last week I participated in the AOC's Olympic Day 'Back to School' program, and visited St. Clement's Primary School in Bulleen. 

I spoke to 300+ school kids from prep to grade 6 about my life as an athlete and my Olympic experience. It was so rewarding to see their faces light up whilst showing them photos from the Olympics. I also brought along my Olympic uniform for the kids to try on. 

I must admit, it was quite strange returning to primary school as an "Olympian" and someone who the kids looked up to, when it was only 9 years ago that I left primary school myself! I enjoyed the day immensely, and I hope that I was able to inspire the kids to dream big.

 (Speaking in assembly at St. Clements)

(Topaz Crema, my grade 4 niece, in the Olympic race suit, feeling like she's "just won a gold medal")

(St. Clement's grade 4 class)

(Perhaps a future Olympian...??)

The following is an article published by the AOC about my school visit.