Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday after a morning of training super G with the Swedish Development Ski Team, we headed to Innsbruck, a half hour drive, for a gym session and dinner in the old town. If you're ever in Innsbruck and feel like Mexican, you must try Flo Jo's... best fajita's!

Today was a scheduled day off. After five full days of training on snow at high altitude as well as physical training in the afternoons, we were all pretty exhausted! We decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and check out the Grawa Wasserfall (waterfall), just a 10 minute drive up the valley towards Stubai Glacier.

We hiked to the top and managed to get pretty close to the fast flowing waterfall. Here are the best shots from the day...

(Grawa Waterfall)

(Vibrant greenery in the forest)

(View of the valley)

(Sami and I beneath the waterfall)

(Anton getting up close and personal)

(You've got to have at least one cliche tourist shot....)

(Team Shot. Thanks to whoever invented the self-timer.... genius!)

(Bloody Australians harassing the local Austrian police officer)

Tomorrow we're back on snow training super G with the Swedish development ski team again. Weather's looking good, so it should be another great week of training!