Friday, October 8, 2010

Training in Stubai: Day 4

Training is going incredibly well here in Stubai Glacier, Austria. I honestly couldn't ask for anything more... the snow is firm, the sun in shining and there's no need for hand warmers! One week training here is equivalent to one month training back at home (I love Mt Buller and always will but it just can't match the long runs here...)

(Excited for the perfect bluebird day ahead)

(Absolutely buggered after a long day's training) 

Yesterday after a long day of GS and Super G training, we headed back down to the valley where it's basically like summer again. We enjoyed a coffee by the river in a t-shirt, shorts and thongs (true to the Aussie style) and then once again used the cold glacier river for recovery.

(Soaking up the sun at a cafe by the river)

(Our interpretation of a recovery session... very high-tech!)

Today we made the most of the sunny weather and decided to once again visit the look-out point at 3200m. The stair hike was tough but completely worth it! Check out the views...

(Climb to the look-out point)

(A view of the glacier from the peak)

(Australian Ski Cross Team, Anton Grimus, Sami Kennedy, Katya Crema and Scott Kneller)

(Anton showing off his mullet)

(The glacier from the gondola)

 (Panoramic shot of the surrounding mountains)