Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Freestyle weekend at Buller

This weekend I headed to Buller for what was to be a weekend of new experiences!

First new experience... Driving into Yea solo at 7pm on Friday night, I was asked by police to do a U-turn, drive all the way back to the Hume Highway and take a 1.5 hour detour to Buller (due to a road closure in Yea). I was not in the mood to turn my already 3.5 hour drive into 5 hours, so I decided to take a risk and follow the directions of locals, guiding me to a dodgy single-lane dirt road in the middle of nowhere, with not a light in site. After 30 minutes on this dirt track, I ended up getting lost in the dark, having basically no idea where I was. Luckily a local driving past noticed the hazard lights and a 22 year old girl with a massive map splayed on the dash of the car. Kindly he stopped to give me directions. Thinking back on it now, probably not the smartest move... Let's just say I'm just glad I haven't seen Wolf Creek!

I spent all of Saturday guest coaching TBR, teaching the groms how to lay down some carve turns. In the afternoon, the coolest chicks on the mountain all met at 3pm at Koflers for a quick hot chocolate before we ventured out for an hour and a half of skiing. Despite the weather not being 'brilliant', the snow was great and everyone was really enthusiastic. We skied the recently opened Standard Run, as well as a few down Shaky Knees. Due to the massive turn out (over 25 girls...), we decided to split the group into three. Zoe took the girls who were up for learning 180s; Katie, with her moguls experience, worked on short turns; and myself and Nat took those who were keen to try some big carve / "big mountain" turns.

We had girls of all ages and from all skiing backgrounds. Everyone seemed to have a really great time, meeting new people and doing what we all love... skiing!

At the end of the afternoon, the Chick of the day was awarded to Alice (from Australia's aerial development program) for nailing her first 180 spin! She won a pair of sexy hot pink poles, kindly donated by Shafted ski poles.

To finish up, the girls unwinded by doing a one hour yoga session at the La Trobe Centre. A great way to finish off a fun afternoon!

I'm looking forward to joining in the next Chicks with Stix session at Buller in two weeks time!