Monday, July 4, 2011

Swapping the books for the bikini in Bali

Last week after exams, I ditched my uni books for my bikini, and headed to Bali for a 6 day pre-winter holiday. Being a skier, it’s not often that I get the chance to have a summer holiday, so I grasped the opportunity and soaked up some rays before the winter really kicks off.

I stayed in Seminyak for 6 days with a friend, Julia de Campo, where we spent copious amounts of time on the beach and in the surf.

The highlight of the holiday was the adventurous day trip to Lembongan Island, a beautiful tiny island 30 minutes off the coast of Sanua, Bali. Cruising around on scooters, I managed to find the infamous turquoise-water cliff jump, recommended by a friend. Jumping off the 12m cliff was the easy part. The scary part was trying to grab the dodgy ladder in a big sea swell, and then climbing back up.

The running (wo)man

Cliche but nevertheless still beautiful

Getting my surf on with three new friends from Hong Kong

Within 24 hours, I went from being on the beach in a toasty 30 degrees, to getting off the plane in Melbourne at a chilly 6 degrees. I jumped straight in the car and drove 7 hours solo to Jindabyne, where I am now spending the next week training on snow.

I’ll be a Buller next weekend, and am really looking forward to my first Chicks with Stix session of the season on Saturday afternoon.