Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not what I hoped for in Switzerland but still a fantastic experience...

So, Switzerland didn’t go quite to plan, but I guess nothing ever really ever does in this world!

Finals in Grindelwald were postponed and held the following day due to heavy fog.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it through the first round. It was basically a straight skating start to the first turn which is not my forte. I perform better when there are some technical features right at the beginning of course, as seen in Cypress and Lake Placid. So it was a little disappointing not to progress to the next round; especially given that I had qualified 5th. I finished up in 18th.

(Being awarded with bib number 5 at the bib presentation)

(Course inspection in Grindelwald)

(A jump with quite a view...)

(Table jump, Grindelwald)

My final race of the season was Meiringen. I’m not super keen on this place seeing as though it is where I blew my knee out two years ago. Luckily I didn’t have to face my demons. They had built a new course on a different part of the mountain.

Because of schedule changes, we had training and qualifications in the same day. Training went well. I felt confident and ready race. Unfortunately in quali’s I made a big mistake in the most crucial area of the course. I overshot the jump and lost all of my speed on the next part of the course. I qualified 24th.

The following day for finals, things didn’t really get off to a great start. On the way to the gondola in the morning we had a bit of a bingle in the car. A Swissy decided that he’d race up the mountain taking the tightest possible line. Of course that meant that when we came around the blind turn, he was in the middle of the road. He clipped our side and we were left with a flat tire and a slightly banged up rental car. Great start to the day! I managed to hitch a ride with the Slovenian team to the race while Scotty stayed back to deal with insurance. Luckily he made it to the race just in time for inspection.


I was in the very first heat with Ophelie David (France), Caitlin Ciccone (USA) and Aleisha Cline (Canada). I pulled out fast and was in second place until Ciccone collided in the first turn. I went down just before the first large step up jump. Luckily I didn’t launch off the jump in the air… that could have ended badly!

(Pumped and ready to race)

(Meiringen, Switzerland)

So, not the results I was after in Switzerland (my goal was a top 8), but still a great learning experience. One large positive I can draw from the trip was my 5th place in qualification. If I can lay down some solid runs next season in qualifying, it will put me in a much better position to get through the heats.

I have just arrived home from an unimaginably long trip. Over 30 hours of actual flying! Unfortunately I had to go the long round home from Europe, via America. It's great to be home and I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone!