Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Olympic Games experience makes me stronger. 5th today in World Cup

Today I qualified 5th at the World Cup here in Grindelwald, Switzerland. My best qualification result ever by far! It seems as though I am improving at every single race; with each event giving me more experience and confidence.

(Spectacular views from the top of the mountain. Behind is the Eiger)

It is crazy to think that I have gone from not qualifying in the top 32 in the first world cup of the season (San Candido, Italy) to now, 3 months later, qualifying in 5th place. It’s the same field, the same girls, just much faster skiing!

Last week all I wanted to do after the Games was to go home, see my friends and family and have a well deserved break from anything skiing-related. Now I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come to Europe for the final world cups of the season. In the long term, it was a good decision to come in that it will set me up for next season. More experience, better results and a better overall world ranking.

When we arrived here in Grindelwald a few days ago, things were looking a bit grim. However, the clouds opened up and we had an amazing day free skiing. Not a single cloud in the sky. It was great to just free ski again; something we don’t actually get to do very often believe it or not, during the racing season. We usually go from one race to the next. The only skiing I get to do is on the course or next to the course for warm up. On this day however we had the entire mountain to ourselves, free to do whatever we felt like (seeing as though we have no coach here…)

(Jean-Noel, Scott and I)

(Thumbs up to skiing in bluebird weather)

(Scott and I)

Yesterday was training; another blue bird day. Qualifications today. Finals tomorrow.

Tomorrow after the race we drive to Meiringen, just on the other side of the valley. Then the following day is training for the next world cup. It’s all go-go-go this season! One race to the next; not even a day off. However, I’m quite pleased with the schedule. The sooner we finish these world cups, the sooner I can go home!

Here are some video's from the Olympic Games. Enjoy!

Training video from Mt. Washington before the Olympics

Ski cross footage from the Olympic Games

PS- I was just charged 119 Swiss Frances for a small load of washing. Isn't that the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard? Umm...I'm think I'll bail instead!