Monday, February 28, 2011

Return to Bavaria-land

Once I returned from London, we drove to Grasgheren, Germany, for a block of training with zee Germans. We’ve been lucky to do some training with the German Ski Cross Team this season, as they have a talented young team with very successful skiers, including current World Cup overall leader Heidi Zacher.

We started off with going back to basics; GS gates training. So first day back, first run in the course, I straddled a GS gate and went flying over the handlebars onto my head and back. Ouch! The massive purple bruise I developed on my hip the next day proved I wasn’t faking it! Luckly I walked out reasonably uninjured... just stiff and sore.


(Looks a bit like a pirate scar!)

For the next couple of days we did some ski cross training on the World Cup track in Grasgheren. Then we finished off the week with a ski cross race in Mittenwald, the German National Championships.

(The highly professional Australian ski cross team)

(Kids Cup!)

We are now on our way to Switzerland. The next two World Cups are in Grindelwald and Meiringen. Sitting right beneath the Jungfrau and Eiger Mountains, the town we stay in has incredible 360-degree panoramic views of some of the most incredible mountains in the world. Lets hope the sun is shining!

Will keep you posted on how the World Cups go!