Saturday, February 26, 2011

Words from a fan...

Check out this e-mail I received from a fan on my website… It made my day! Thanks Katya.

Hi! My name is Katya and I live in Australia, until I saw the Winter Olympics last year, I thought, and felt like I was the only Katya that lived in Australia, and no one could say my name properly. They would butcher it and say it like "Katcha or Kadiya or Kataya. However, after the Olympics, when people asked what my name was, they would say "oh, like Katya in the Olympics?" So I want to thank you for giving me hope and teaching other people how to say our name properly. Heehee!
From Katya.

And yes, many people struggle with not being able to pronounce my name properly, hence the nickname ‘Kat’. It’s another reason why I love being in Europe. They say my name better than I do!