Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Already half way through the season

The past 6 weeks have gone by so fast I don't even know where to start. I've been training mostly in Perisher, with a few events and trips along the way. Seeing as though photo says a thousand words, I'm going to let my photos do all the explaining....

 I managed to score an awesome powder day in Thredbo earlier in the season. Skied some fresh tracks with a Thredbo local.

The Australian Ski Cross Team training at our start gate in Perisher.

Dryland training in Jindabyne in the afternoons includes riding up Airport Hill, an intimidating site and an absolute killer.

Making friends out the front of our house in Jindabyne.

Same house, a little colder! The first time I've seen it snow in Jindy.

Up at 5am most mornings, on snow by 6:45am. Early morning training at Perisher definitely has some perks....

A week off back in Melbourne town. A beautiful building at night.

Second place in my first-ever Top2Bottom at Thredbo. Basically a 30m sprint into a Chinese Downhill. First to the bottom wins. What a morning! 

Following Top2Bottom, a successful Chicks with Stix weekend in Thredbo, with over 45 participants. And not to mention perfect bluebird weather!

Brushing off the mogul cobwebs and mixing up the training. Taking a few runs down Toppa's Dream mogul course in Perisher. Quite a challenge!

Road trip to Hotham, the "back-back way."

I am now in Mt. Hotham for the Ski Cross National Championships to be held this weekend. I'm looking forward to defending my 2-year running title!