Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Five perfect days at Hutt

The past five days at Mt. Hutt, New Zealand, have been pretty unbeatable. Blue skies, hard snow and a great training course. We have been training speed alongside the Canadian and Austrian women's World Cup Alpine Teams. Not really our forte any more being Ski Cross athletes, but it's always fun to go back to our roots and pull the speed suit back on! We've been training full length super G at 7:15am until midday, followed by another session of GS training until 2pm. Long days, but conditions like this are pretty hard to come by!

After four full days on snow (almost 7 hours a day come to think of it!), yesterday we headed to the Rakaia Gorge for some much needed recovery. With water flowing off the mountains, the river must be no warmer than 8 degrees; perfect for removing some of the lactic acid in your legs and making you feel energetic again.

Tomorrow is our last day training at Mt Hutt. We then drive south to Wanaka for a two-week training camp on a ski cross track in Cardona. We will be sharing it with the Australian border cross team, as well as a few international World Cup teams. It will be fun to use what I've learnt in the past week, and apply it to a ski cross track.

 Recovery at Rakaia Gorge

 Crisp corduroy at Mt Hutt, 7:30am

Morning Mt. Hutt! 

Afternoon tea! Just what you need after a massive day of training...

Wes, the dog at our accommodation in Methven